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Touring Through Alaska: Next Stop Nome

Alaska is full of many wonders from wildlife, to mountains, lakes, rivers as well as a wonder that most people likely don’t think about and never see. That wonder is Alaska’s Permafrost!

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Are There Items that Cannot Be Shipped via Air Freight?

As freight shippers, we deal with a myriad of questions every day and after more than 50 years in the freight shipping business, there really isn’t a question that we haven’t been asked. One of the more common questions we are asked is, “are there items that absolutely cannot be shipped?”

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Which Towns in Alaska Rely on Air Freight?

Alaska: The Last Frontier. The 49th state has a very special place in the hearts of each of us here at Alaska Air Forwarding, since we have been serving this state for the 50+ years that we have been in business. As we’ve shared many times, much of Alaska is extremely remote with many towns only accessible via air transport. We’d like to highlight some of these towns in Alaska and you may be surprised by some that make the list.

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