Touring Alaska: North Pole

We hope you all have enjoyed our tour of Alaska series as much as we have! We have many more cities to visit as we continue this blog series into the new year; however, our final touring destination of 2018 is quite fitting given the time of year we’re celebrating. Our fourth stop along our tour is North Pole, Alaska.


Many people don’t realize that there really IS a North Pole, Alaska! We tend to think of the North Pole as a fictional place but it’s real and it’s our fourth stop on our tour of Alaska. North Pole, Alaska is actually just a 20 minute drive from Fairbanks, our third stop. The Christmas spirit can be felt all year in North Pole, Alaska as you drive along Santa Claus Lane where you’ll find candy-cane street lights, as well as The Santa Claus house which is the “official” home of Santa. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of him walking around town when he takes a break from his workshop.

One of Santa’s favorite parts of winter, besides Christmas of course, is the North Pole’s Christmas in Ice. This is a two-month long celebration that starts in early November and continues through the beginning of January. There are a number of activities that make up this celebration such as an Ice sculpting competition, a playground made out of ice and many other holiday themed events.


While it can be a little difficult to compete with Santa, there are other attractions North Pole offers, such as the beautiful Chena Lake Recreation Area. This lake covers 2100 acres that includes both Lake Park and River Park. Two beautiful parks that plenty of recreation during the warmer months of summer and early fall. Not only that, but this location is prime for viewing the famous Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Season.

In addition to this beautiful recreation area, there plenty of places to stay, eat and shop for “made in Alaska” merchandise.


If you’re looking for a fun and different kind of get-away, plan to visit North Pole, Alaska. You’ll find the town and residents keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long.

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