Touring Alaska: Next stop: Wasilla

Touring Alaska: Next stop: Wasilla

Welcome back to our Touring Alaska blog series. The next stop on our tour is Wasilla, AK. Wasilla is the sixth largest city in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough of Alaska and is situated on the northern point of the Cook inlet. As you can see on the map below, it is rather central and easy to access plus it is only about 28 miles north of Anchorage.


Wasilla was founded in 1917 but was not officially incorporated until 1974. One of the most notable characteristics of Wasilla is that it is the Headquarters of the Iditarod and home to the Dorothy Page Museum. Dorothy Page is considered the “mother of the Iditarod.”


Like all the other wonderful places in Alaska, Wasilla offers a number of outdoor activities to enjoy year round. There are a number of other museums in and around Wasilla, such as the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry. Each are great options if you are traveling during the winter months. If you’re more of a warm-weather traveler, summer time in Wasilla offers scenic hikes, kayaking on Lake Wasilla and the beautiful Denali State Park is very close by.


Here at Alaska Air Forwarding, we love Wasilla for all the above but also because of its accessibility. It is quite centrally located in the Mat-Su Valley, just 28 miles North of Anchorage and on the way to Fairbanks. Considering that there are many remote places in Alaska, we always appreciate a location that is central and easily accessible for our shipping company.
If you are planning a trip to Alaska, be sure and put Wasilla on your list of places to visit.

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